Your donations can change the lives of many underprivileged children. Charity is the spiritual duty of a human being. Donate And Save Tax. Stop Child Labour. Donate For Education. Donate Now.

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Demonstrate model of excellence and integrity by improving lives of common people and community through developmental initiatives for a dignified living.

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Align the community to derive and nurture a pathway for all to thrive and succeed.

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Facilitate the process of Progression and Exaltation of humanity for a Just and Sustainable society

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Purpose and Origin

ALLAY is a social enterprise with a purpose to bring desirable Social Change by improving people lives through providing quality services to influence generations. We do this by continuous strive for leadership and global competitiveness in segments we operate.

Our struggle for a better world encourage trust and faith among partners, employee and the community. We are committed to protect quality and integrity through the way we conduct our services.

The founder members of ALLAY began implementing various initiative in development sector since 2010 with opening of schools, running hospital and providing respectable livelihood opportunities to improve lives of marginalized community of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Chattisgarh. By early 2017 it became clear that working in segregated manner won’t show desirable impact and will take unceasing struggle over many decades for any rooted change to happen. This can only be attained by collaborative and sensibly coordinated efforts. Thus, the idea of forming Allay came into life.

To fulfil our purpose, we succeed with progression and self-sustainable. Hence, we also generate profits out of our business segments and give back to society much more through ALLAY Foundation (Charitable Trust) in Education, Health and Livelihood. Our organization is a group of self-motivated professionals who have come together to help people and community to lead a dignified living.

Today, the Foundation with 200+ employees has a school, hospital and training centres reaching and impacting more than 40,000 lives every year across 3 states.

Working Areas
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Health Care

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Operating Principles

Our strategy and approach are guided by key principles.

Integrate theory into practice
Collaboration with Coordination for meaningful impact
Operating organization
Partnership with community and government
Learning by doing

Our values define our culture and belief. Our Six pillar values are

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