The founder members of Allay Foundation began implementing various initiative in development sector since 2010 with opening of schools, running hospital and providing respectable livelihood opportunities to improve lives of marginalized community of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Chattisgarh. By early 2017 it became clear that working in segregated manner won't show desirable impact and will take unceasing struggle over many decades for any rooted change to happen. This can only be attained by collaborative and sensibly coordinated efforts. Thus, the idea of forming Allay Foundation came into life.

Our organization is a group of self-motivated professionals who have come together to provide a complete range of sustainable development advisory solutions in the domains covering development sector advisory, sustainability and climate change, human resource, social entrepreneurship and ethical business.

We cover diverse thematic areas; some of our key focuses include education, health care, sustainable livelihood, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and watershed development, gender diversity, poverty eradication, renewable energy and resource efficiency. Our solution-sets also substantially emphasize the alignment with the SDGs (the 'Global Goals').

We derive our strength through our unique structure, which is based on our strong multidisciplinary team, our Global Advisory Council and our Strategic Partners.

Today, the Foundation working with 200+ employees has a school, hospital and training centres reaching and impacting more than 40,000 lives every year across 3 states. By 2023 we are aming to engage and add meaningful value to 1 million people's life

Vision: Facilitate the process of Progression and Exaltation of humanity towards a just and humane society.

Mission: Mobilize, engage and contribute with clients to address critical challenges through access to the best possible expertise and innovative solutions for achieving efficiency and creating impact

Goal: Demonstrate model of excellence and integrity by improving clients efficiency, lives of common people and community through developmental initiatives for a dignified living.

Value: Our values define our culture and belief. Our six pillar values are:

1. Passionate to social change

2. Inclusive to diversity

3. Commitment to integrity and excellence

4. Gratitude to knowledge

5. Be reflective and rational

6. Be sincere and courageous




Education Consultancy



Health Care Consultancy


Skill Development & Placement


Operating Principles:

Our strategy and approach are guided by key principles.

1. Integrate theory into practice

2. Collaboration with Coordination for meaningful impact

3. Operating organization

4. Partnership with community and government

5. Learning by doing


• Leadership Council: Group of cross-sector executive-level leaders with proven expertise and skill-set that set the direction towards achieving our vision and help remove barriers.

• Operational Council: Group of cross-sector practitioners experts and specialist that provide scope, approve all business and community-level development plans and track progress.

• Action Team: Group of skilled professionals and volunteers that develop and execute all plan at field level to address causes impacting people’s life with tangible outcomes.